Who Else Is Stick And Tired Of The Brexit Argument?

When the BBC’s comedy quiz show Have I Got News For You published a Facebook comment asking for whether #Brexit is taking back control or just a huge cock-up. Mark Jeffrey, one angry Leaver wrote in agreement with #Brexit:

“Freedom, independence, setting our own tax rates, fishing in our own water’s, governing ourselves, more freedom, trading with the world, supporting industry’s, controlling immigration it’s called DEMOCRACY! and respecting the will of the people as expressed in a democratic referendum, oh and as the BBC are clearly against all that, abolishing the license fee and the (far too political) BBC!!!”

However, in answer to his lambasted comment, another Facebook user Robert Walker rebuffed:

“Democracy (will of the people) is based on the electorate making an informed choice. To do so, information must be presented impartially, in its entirety and should be in no way misleading. This did not happen with the Brexit referendum, it did not happen with the last general election, and has not happened with issues like Windrush and ongoing Brexit documentation being concealed from public – or even parliamentary – scrutiny; there is NO way that we can call the current regime a democracy.

“We are leaving the United States of Europe to become part of the United States of America. May and Trump are two heads of the same monster. The Trump regime (and their successor) will have increasing influence as we (UK) increasingly come to rely on the “special relationship”. TTIP may be dead in name, but the years of work, formulating trade deals, will not be wasted – it is just too costly. Our NHS is a prime target for such privatisation. God help the UK if Trump gets in for a second term. Really look at what is going on in both countries and look at history. If you cannot see parallels with 1930s Germany then you are not paying attention or not thinking critically.

“With Brexit, there will be less scrutiny of human and workers rights meaning that the most vulnerable will be targeted even more, with less services for their needs (which are pitifully inadequate already), which will only lead to increased suffering; while workers will be expected to work longer for less monies and employment will become even less secure. Look at what they are pushing for now – and this is before Brexit, not to mention more than one UN report damning the Tories’ treatment of the most vulnerable.

“Trading with the world would be great – except we already have some very sweet trade deals with the EU (without tariffs), and given the choice, international companies would rather deal with the solid, reliable, established companies in the EU rather than the unknown, probably-varying, trade regimes which is the future of the UK.

“Hell, we have Boris the Buffoon as Foreign Secretary – much of the new trade will be reliant on his competence! That alone should alarm you.

“The world is getting smaller – with larger countries and large trading blocs dominating, (USA, India, China, Russia, EU), while other, smaller countries are being left behind. The isolationism which is behind the Brexit program is 50+ years behind the times.

“There are many deprived areas of the UK reliant on EU initiatives (EU funding). Will the London-centric parliament continue or even improve their lot or is the south and east going to get the lion-share of the money from the monies we no longer pay to the EU? I suspect the uber-rich masters and their political puppets will ensure that most of that money will flow to support their interests in the SE.

“Anyone in their 50s will take a significant dent to their pensions, as even the most optimistic forecasts say the UK economy will take a significant hit for the next 10 years… possibly having a significant effect on those in their 40s too, and maybe even those in their 30s.

“So – false “democracy”, increasing control from the USA, diminishing workers rights and further erosion of care for the most vulnerable, insecure, un-established, and non-existent trade deals, regional deprivation, and significant pension losses… just to stick it to the EU?

“If you think that this seems like a good idea – I respect your opinion, but it is far from what I would call a sensible option.

“We will end up in a situation like the USA when the reality of the enormous mess dawns on those who voted for Trump – so it will be for those who voted for Brexit. It is hubris of the highest order and the nationalistic, jingoistic individuals who acted in haste will repent at leisure – dragging the rest of us down with them.”

Where Will It All End

As one other user commented:

“The bottom line is that it depends on your core beliefs. Whether you voted to leave the EU for racist reasons or to stick it to the Conservatives, you’re stuck in a fantasy 1950s. You’ll believe anything written on a bus, those who voted for Brexit voted for an undefined fantasy that will leave this country broken.”