What, an Egg Timer?

Acctim Timer ClockI met two gentlemen, Ian and Andrew at Brands Hatch who were competing in this year’s Caterham Graduate Sigma class, one of whom had a big digital display on his dashboard.

I recalled someone had stated in the past that when racing or qualifying, it is difficult to know how much time is left in the race or qualifying and I had been in seach of a clock to mount on the dash for the past few weeks. It was Dave Kimbley of Demon Tweeks who suggested an egg timer and funny, it was Ian who had such a timer on his dash.

Ian stated he obtained his from John Lewis though I could not fine one on their website. However, I did find this ‘Acctim Jumbo LCD Timer Clock’ online and did end up buying from KG Electronics via Amazon for just £5.95 and free postage.