Secondary Sponsor – Lindspeed Race Tuition


Secondary Sponsor - Lindspeed

My secondary sponsor is Paul Lind, AKA @NosiyPaul in my ramblings and chit chat. Paul and I met a couple of years back when I was taking some instruction from Bookatrack on their track days in the R500. Paul and I become more friendly as we spent an evening sipping beer and chewing steak at the Restaurant Pistenklause while enjoying the BAT 10th year anniversary last July at the Nürburgring. We spent a few days traveling together to Spa and Zandvoort with BAT and getting truly wasted in Amsterdam one evening with Roy, myself indebted to them both for getting me home safely. Check him out in full costume regalia as ‘Tyre Man‘ from Jokers Masquerade.

Once I announced my entry into the Caterham Academy 2011, Paul was more than happy to help coach me. However and now we know the Academy is split into two groups with points allocated per group, Paul is happy to offer his coaching skills to any Academy Competitor in Group 2.

As hijacked from the BAT website:

“Paul began racing in 1990 when he competed in the Unipart Metro Club Challenge in which he raced for over three 3 years. He then enjoyed two seasons in the Dunlop Rover Turbo Cup in 1994 and 1995. Paul has also taken part in rallying and motorbike racing. During this period Paul won several races and achieved many lap records.

In 1999 Paul began instructing and is a grade A ARDS license holder. He has represented manufacturers throughout Europe and USA, helping them develop and launch new products. Paul also has a great deal of experience with both the gift experience and track day market. He enjoys helping drivers get a better understanding of car control and improving their track driving.”

Paul will admit that his Achilles heal and area for development is ‘technology’, though will be working with OnBoardVision in a strategic alliance to better himself in this area. That said, Paul’s wealth of knowledge in UK circuits is exemplary and I fully endorse him. Paul has a determination to succeed in all areas and as a motor engineer, too is able to disseminate the technical and scientific rationale behind car control and how to invoke or correct control to your race benefit.