Caterham Academy 2011 Race 1 – Brands Hatch

Race 1 – Brands Hatch (Indy Circuit)

Update 5th June 2011:
This is a ticketed event and I have received four ‘competitor’ tickets that I will need myself. I am also asking if any other competitors have any spare tickets and hence to obtain any ‘free’ competitor tickets. I may have another 6 or 8 tickets. Please note that ticket prices on the gate are likely to be around £13.00 and £10.00 if bought online (Under 13’s free).



Update 29th May 2011:
The timetable for this event has now been released:

Saturday 11th June

  • Sign on : 12.00noon
  • Scrutineering : 12.05pm to 12.35pm
  • Qualifying : 13.40pm to 13.55pm

Sunday 12th June

  • Race 12 : 12.45pm to 13.00pm



Update 24th May 2011:
I have just heard today that we are qualifying on Saturday and racing on Sunday. Some people are coming down on Saturday afternoon and camping overnight with BBQ and others coming down Sunday only. There will be a ‘Party in the Paddock’ on Saturday evening as organised by Caterham for drivers and friends, though not sure how may tickets will be available. My friend Rob is camping and will be hosting a BBQ near the party event. Please feel free to join us Saturday evening or Sunday for what I am told is a busy weekend of motorsport!

This first race will be over the weekend of Saturday and Sunday 11th and 12th June on the Brands Hatch Indy circuit. Brands Hatch has been a motorsport venue since before the war, when it was used for off-road motorbike trials. It is situated close to the M25 in North Kent, and is owned and operated by Motorsport Vision.

Like many other competitors, @NoisyPaul and myself will be at the circuit on the Friday for testing. I think this is going to be an exciting and close race, not only as it’s the first race against each other on circuit, but the simple fact there will be some 30 cars on a track that is only 1.98 miles in length.

During this weekend, the Le Mans 24 hour race takes place too, the same event that @RHD and I attended last year and it is his idea that we camp and have a BBQ to make a Kent weekend of it all. Spiffing idea @RHD!

Unfortunately I still do not know the exact format of the weekend for the Caterham Academy, other than this is a two day motorsport event categorised as a “BRSCC Clubmans Race Weekend“.  This two day BRSCC South Eastern Centre meeting will be run on the Indy circuit and will feature:

  • Caterham Academy Championship
  • Caterham Roadsport A Championship
  • Caterham Roadsport B Championship
  • Caterham Supersport Championship
  • Alfashop Alfa Romeo Championship
  • BRSCC Mighty Minis Championship
  • BRSCC Super Mighty Minis Championship
  • BRSCC Euro Saloon & Sports Car Championship with Arrowpak
  • BRSCC OSS Championship
  • Dunlop TVR Challenge
  • Dunlop Motorsport News Saloon Car Championship

So why don’t you come down for one of the two days or indeed the weekend and support @MissDaisy and I? I am told camping is available on site over the weekend though if camping is not your thing, then there are plenty of hotels and other accommodation nearby. For your information, the postcode of the circuit is DA3 8NG and perhaps I could suggest Booking.Com to find local accommodation to for your budget.

We will need to decide nearer the time, but I would expect that if the sun is out, this will be a great Saturday night with BBQ, beer and wine. So whether you decide to stay the weekend or just one day, let me know if you want to come to the BBQ.

On that point of attendees, I will have a few tickets allocated to me and will try and find additional tickets too for the race days. If you would like me to obtain a ticket for you, please ensure you let me know well in advance and no later than Friday 21st June. I guess I will need to know how many child/adult tickets are needed and for which day, or both days.

If you cannot make the date, you will be able to view all race results from the TSL Timing website by selecting the BRSCC section on the navigation bar. Of course, no data will show for any of the events until after the finish. As I type I am not sure, but if you cannot attend on the day, you are able to view live data on the day. Here are the events I am taking part:

  • Brands Hatch (11th and 12th June)
  • Rockingham (16th and 17th July)
  • Donnington Park (6th and 7th August)
  • Mallory Park (18th September)