I remember the morning well. I has been working behind the bar are at Regals Nightclub in Uxbridge and we’d stayed behind after all the punters had gone for some closed door drinkies. Next door was the snooker club and after Regals locked the doors, it was off next door to snooker club for more early morning drinks. Can’t recollect much more, only knowing I had to be home in Isleworth for something like 6.00am as a BBC taxi would pick me up and take me to the British Telecom Tower.

It was all the trend while working at the BBC, that one could support their salary with overtime opportunities such as being a phone operator on such phone in programmes.

Here, in all it’s glory and blast from the past, is that early morning on Christmas Day, answering calls from the public on Noel’s early morning Christmas breakfast show.

After the hand over from Television Centre, Noel opens the show and then the opening titled. Noel is then seen introducing the show to camera and announces that a group of runners are to set a World Record by running up the tower. As Noel continues to talk to camera, we walks in front of the phone operators and the camera pans with him.

Now. That chap in the 5th row from the rear, red jumper, gold conical Christmas hat with blonde permed hair. That is me, a chirpy 21 year old, very tired and if I recall, a little tipsy too.

Fond memories of working at the BBC and youthful life in the 80’s. Have to see if I can find a particular Top of the Pops sequence too.