Magnificent Sevens – 22nd and 23rd October 2011

I have now received information for the Magnificent Sevens event on the 22nd and 23rd October 2011 on the Snetterton 200 circuit.

Please find attached:

Series Regulations
Pitstop Regulations
Supplementary Regulations
Entry Form

Please note:

[1] CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES is Wednesday 5th October 2011. May I suggest you send your completed forms to me for collation. If paying by cheque, please make payable to the “Classic Sports Car Club”. If paying by debit or credit card, please include details on the entry form. Please post to me, to be received by FRIDAY 30TH SEPTEMBER, at:

Mark Lewis
Abscissa.Com Limited
Union House
RG14 5PX

[2] The CSCC has put on this special race for us on Sunday 23rd October. This is a change to the original date of Saturday 22nd. This race is known as the “Classic Sports Car Club Seven-Type Challenge Race” and is at a cost of £295.00 per team. Caterham Academy drivers will have priority over any other entrant to this race on Sunday 23rd.

[3] So long as you have entered the Sunday race, you may additionally apply to enter the Saturday too at the similar cost of £175.00 (so I believe). This race is known as the “Classic Sports Car Club Gold Arts Magnificent Sevens” and such entries will be considered only if there are spare places *and* you have entered Sunday.

[4] As previously advised, I have promised to enter 15 teams into the Sunday event. A team is considered as “one car and one driver”, “two cars and one driver” or “two cars and two drivers”. As we know, Simon Johnson has pulled out due to budget restraints on car repairs from Mallory, but he could still enter the “one car and one driver” team if anyone is happy. The maximum number of starters in each race will be 38 and the minimum will be 22. The minimum number of entries in each class will be 3. So if we enter 15 teams, there still needs to be another 7 teams to enter from other classes.

[5] Each of these two races will be of 1 forty minute sessions split into 2 twenty minute segments.

[6] There are also two other races on both the Saturday and the Sunday titled “Sports Car v Saloon Car Challenge with JEC Powered By Jaguar Series” at £190.00 entry per race. I believe this to be a “one driver and one car” event. These races will be run as 2 fifteen minute races.

[7] Entry to either of these 4 races can be made as a Novice and signatures can be assigned for upgrade. Thus if you cannot make Rockingham, this is an ideal way to gain additional signatures.

[8] There has been discussion and debate as to upgrading cars to Roadsport or Tracksport specification. There is an option to include two classes within our ‘Academy Class’ being those who have had the modifications and those who have not. This will need to be self policed as the CRCC will not know what to check. We can agree either to run as one group or split to into two different ‘Academy 2011 specification’ and ‘Roadsport/Tracksport 2012 specification’. What do you think?

[9] There is a 3,5,8 rule applied in that if there are only 3 teams in a class, then one trophy will be awarded to the winner. If there are 5 teams, then there will be a first and second place award. If there are 8 or more teams per class, then there will be a first, second and third trophy award.

[10] You will need to consider your own insurance. However, the organisers will provide all competitors with insurance against any claims by a third party, which insurance will be in force throughout the Competition up to a maximum sum of £25,000,000 for any one claim.

[11] There is no need to john the CSCC club as we will be deemed as guests for the day. As such, simple enter “Academy” within the “Competition Number” space.

[12] I cannot read anywhere about race numbers and decals. As this race is outside of the Caterham Academy, I need to ascertain whether new decals will be needed and if we can use our same Academy race numbers?

[13] Although many of us may have sent in joining forms previously, I have been informed that if you have not, you may simply still be included by entering “Academy” within the “Competition Number” space on the entry form. If you can now make the SUNDAY, please feel free to join us!

[14] Transponders will be required at this meeting, thus please make sure your number is CLEARLY written on your entry form.

[15] Testing on the Snetterton 200 is on Friday 21st October ( I have already booked.

[16] May I recommend the Park Farm Hotel (, again I have already booked.