Just twenty personal interesting facts and observations about Rio de Janeiro before you visit.

1. All the sauces on your table come with a hand written date of opening and use by date.

2. The police vehicles always have their lights flashing even if not on an emergency.

3. Motorcycles drive through traffic while continuing to sound their horn.

4. Most restaurants will add a 10% service charge.

5. Cyclists will have a whistle in their mouth rather than a headcam.

6. Taxis are plentiful and cheap.

7. English is the third spoken language behind Portuguese and Spanish.

8. When at the beach, rent a chair and umbrella from a Barraca. Some have WiFi and all will serve drinks and food. Support the beach vendors.

9. It is a lot safer than you may expect.

10. Every local welcomes you to with a smile.

11. They have orange Borris Bikes.

12. Many taxi drivers think they are Ayrton Senna with a mobile stuck to their ear.

13. The beer is very cheap.

14. The Malbecs are to die for.

15. Take a double dose of Alka Selza before bed and after a large Churrascaria fest.

16. All the girls on Ipanema are pretty, no matter nationally, age or size.

17. All the boys on Ipanema are pretty, no matter nationally, age or size.

18. Jogging in lycra is a must.

19. Eating a quindim will make you orgasm.

20. It’s hot.