Local time is 03.25am.

We arrived into resort early afternoon yesterday, subsequent to a rather early morning flight from Birmingham to Sal. On that note, a vote of no confidence to the airport planning officials who decided to move valet parking further away from the terminal. Oh and, not providing luggage trollies.

Anyhow and on arrival, weather yesterday was overcast with greater than average wind speeds. The waves are high and all the windsurf, kite surf and board surfers seem to be enjoying things. Maybe Ponta Preta later this afternoon? Maybe get the drone out and practice some shots, if it’s not too windy.

The flight from Birmingham was an early 07.15am and we decided to travel direct from home, a rather early 02.30am start mandated no sleep the night prior. An early night is on the cards.

So I awake to the sounds of my daughter, calling as she is not so keen on the dark. Turning on the light does not work and the immediate thought is, the power is out. “I’m here” I call back , followed by “Marco” and like the child game, the response was “Polo”. We then play a real world sonar game, stubbing my to enroute to her room. The word ‘eigengrau’ springs to mind.

Today’s word is therefore eigengrau. The colour you see when you open your eyes in a pitch ‘black’ room.

#CapeVerde #NoStress #NoElectric #NoTorch #StubbedToe #WelcomeBack