Collecting Miss Daisy

It was all 11th hour as I was notified on Tuesday 2nd that the car had passed the SVA test and I could collect as early as Friday 5th. Excellent news though I was still hoping to place a specific registration number I have had on retention. Scrabbling around to find the certificate, it was posted on Wednesday to Caterham who registered the car on the Thursday for collection on the Friday. A big thanks to Tim who made it all work.

I had previous dialogue and we were given permission that we could film some footage at the showroom for a suggested January edition of JMTV and it was planned that Ian came with me. This was a great idea as I could drive the car home, however the weather forecast was against us and we had to take the trailer down to collect. You will need to wait until January to see the installment of JMTV, but here are some snaps we took of Miss Daisy.