Bluebell B&B Snetterton Hotels

May I introduce and recommend the ‘BlueBell B&B‘ as an alternative to your search for “Snetterton Hotels”. Here’s my ramblings and review.

Bluebell Snetterton HotelsWe left it late to try and find somewhere to stay Wednesday night prior to the Thursday Snetteron 300 track day, although camping was on the agenda too. Knowing some fellow competitors were staying at the Breckland Lodge on the Thursday prior to our Snetterton 100 on the Friday, I telephoned them for two nights, but they were full Wednesday. Resorting back to Booking.Com I looked for hotels and accommodation around Snetteton and although many, none did not seem to meet my requirements of a large car park and free WiFi. That was until, I saw a listing for Bluebell B&B, showing a 5 star review and with rooms available, I reserved two for @NosiyPaul and I.

A short while later I received email confirmation from Karen at Bluebell giving directions, asking whether we would be there before 8.00pm and stating that they can only accept cash or cheques. No problem there, other than I would now need to visit a cash point, being I did not have enough cash for the accommodation. There was a link to her website which I naturally visited.

The “Off street parking for 10+ cars” comment confirmed my Google Earth review that I could get the trailer in with ease, especially as there are only three bedrooms and similar the “free WiFi” comment confirmed the accommodation sounded great. There was a page on the website that gave details of where to eat and the added comment that Bluebell had a bar, confirmed we made the right choice. My only reservation was that the webpage cited being “dog friendly” and seeing a few snips of The Hotel Inspector earlier that week boasting the same accolade, did make me wonder if we had made the right choice?

Nonetheless I arrived at the accommodation around 7.00pm, well before @NosiyPaul and was met at the gate by Karen who introduced herself. I think she was a little alarmed to see the size of the trailer, which spawned a discussion as to why I was staying there. Opening to show her the R500, she said she had many Caterham owners staying with her in the past, but had not seen one look as nice as mine. 🙂

After being shown my room, I dumped my bags and met Karen back in the bar to be presented with half a dozen local Snetterton beers to choose from, however on the back shelf was a couple of bottles of Charlie Well’s Bombardier. Stating I used to worked for Charlie Wells, I opted for a bottle of Bombardier and jolly nice it was too. While sipping, Karen asked what I would like for breakfast? I had already replied to her confirmation email stating we would need to be leaving around 7.00am-07.15am for sign-on at the track and if some breakfast could be laid out for us before we left, Karen stated it would be no problem to have an early sitting. She gave me a breakfast menu stating it was her ‘Racing Menu’, the only think missing was the Full English, but this was no issue for me and I chose the “locally made Muesli”, followed by “smoked salmon with scrambled eggs” and decaf coffee, agreeing a sitting of 6.30am.

A few moments later a couple turned up and checking in too. I could hear they had traveled from Germany and were to visit the local Lotus factory and continued to sup the Bombardier while texting @NosiyPaul as to his ETA. He arrived not long after and joined me with a Peroni stating how his journey took so long. After selecting his own breakfast menu, the discussion migrated to that of dinner as both of us were feeling hungry. Karen was happy to recommend a number if local pubs and restaurants including a rather nice Italian, though we opted for the “Fighting Cocks at Winfathing“, some three or four miles away which is renowned locally for it’s home cooked pies, being a pint and pie was a favoured pub grub option than a full three course Italian.

The menu had much more than we were expecting and both opted for the home made chicken curry and a pint of Stella before heading back to Bluebell as we both wanted an early night after a long drive with early morning and expected late night tomorrow.

Dawn broke and I was woken by the shrills of the local cockerel, not once but continuously from around 5.00am and once awake, could not get back to sleep. Then it was the turn of the crows, but of course this was the countryside and in hindsight, recollecting the sight of a barn owl in flight en route to the Fighting Cocks the night before, it was a delight to be woken by natural sounds rather than the shrill of the alarm clock back home.

WiFi found, I now had the opportunity to catch up on some emails for an hour before having to think about getting showered for breakfast.

The time was 6.30am and I wondered over the gravel courtyard to breakfast, to be welcomed by Karen and asking if we had a good evening. My fresh decaf was presented along with the choice of cereals. Tucking into my option of Muesli and while waiting for @NoisyPaul, Karen and I chatted about her B&B business, myself explaining to her how I found Bluebell and what I stereotypically look for in accommodation. I did explain my perceived worries about a “dog friendly” hotel following the TV programme I had previously watched, but that so far my experience was of a warm, friendly, clean and comfortable accommodation. It was time for @NoisyPaul to arrive and then it was time for scambled egg and smoked salmon. I just wish I had taken a photo, but alas not. What a beautifully presented simple dish which tasted delicious and one that was the talking point for @NoisyPaul and I for the rest of the day.

It was time to start thinking about departure and we asked for the bill and although having the cash, @NoisyPaul asked if there was an option to pay by card. Karen explained the reason as to why she only accepts cash and again a discussion evolved around her business. We chatted about how she advertises and again how I found her and the topic of optimising keywords on search engines. She stated that although she would like to be listed on Booking.Com and Trip Adviser for the Snetterton location, they tend to place her under Banham. To this end, I said I would like to write a review on my blog with her permission and when I do, will try and optimise using the keywords of “Snetterton Hotels”. So if you are reading this having come in from a search engine, then maybe it has worked? 🙂

@NoisyPaul had got his wallet out and by now had paid his bill, leaving a tip for Karen, stating he had made his bed too. Standards set, I too left a tip to the delight of Karen and in truth, for impeccable and friendly service. The costs were £55.00 for @NosiyPaul’s room and mine was £70.00 for obviously, bed and breakfast.