C1 Rockingham Test and Track Days

April 22, 2018 aurigator 0

Mark Cox explained “It’s complete fun! I’ve not enjoyed driving a car in a long time. The car sometimes moves in a somewhat unstable way invoking over steer, but once back on the gas, she’s back to her stable self.”

Who Are The Inglorious Bastards?

March 20, 2018 aurigator 0

The accolade of Bastards came from a 2014 boys trip to Houston and Phoenix via Las Vegas, where provocative social media posts were responded with one word, “Bastards”. And for sure, other than a small clique, they are inglorious for sure!

2018 Citroen C1 Club Race Series Entered

December 16, 2017 aurigator 0

Keeping engine revs in a higher range through some of the tighter corners was working. Heal ‘n’ toe techniques in gear changes was difficult as the pedal box was not suited to race boots, but dropping to second gear did make sense and unless it was my imagination, tended to reduce the understeer.

Head Rest

Head Rest Padding

August 7, 2011 aurigator 0

Here’s another top tip from Nick Potter. There is a very small amount of sponge to the front of the head rest as bolted to […]