Food Shopping And Provisions

December 23, 2017 aurigator 0

Like most things here, continuity of supply is a problem. Just because an item was on sale yesterday, it doesn’t mandate on sale today. On more than one occasion, we have found a recipe, only to hunt around town for the ingredients. All adds to the fun!

Crime And Personal Safety

December 22, 2017 aurigator 0

Reports from the Daily Star in May 2017 stating of a crime “explosion” in Cape Verde should be read with a pinch of salt. The whole article by George Martin is regurgitated gibberish, with scaremongering comments in typical journalistic hype with poor grammar.

Scuba Diving Cape Verde

December 22, 2017 aurigator 0

Descent was via a permanent shot. My log file quotes this as a “Goldfish Bowl” and has to be my favourite dive site here. The volcanic rock formations were an obvious black colour with a symmetrical cuboid shape. The plethora of aquatic life was abundant in a rainbow of colours and differing sizes.

Property Rental Market In Cape Verde

December 21, 2017 aurigator 0

Infrastructure still has a lot to be desired with regular power outages and water being delivered by tanker lorry, which does not bode well to visiting virgins who perhaps can’t shower or cook when European utility acceptances are disrupted.